Where is the Island? How did John Locke die? Claire...are you okay? These are just some of the burning questions the Zapwater office has been speculating about since the final episode of one of our favorite shows on TV, LOST!

The best and often time worst thing about this show is the hours of theorizing that follows each episode. In the excitement of next Wednesday's Season 5 premiere we have come up with our predictions for the Oceanic Six, our loveable castaways and the island.

The black smoke monster will come back for the season and may possibly be explained
Sayeed will cut his fingernails
We will see a connection between John Locke and the Dharma Initiative, as well as realize that John Locke has the power of time travel (seriously! I have proof-ish of this!)
Sawyer and Juliette get together and she becomes pregnant with Sawyer’s child
The character of Sawyer’s daughter is introduced as a cast member
The island is in a time warp (always has been but when it moved it moved through Daniel Farraday’s lab rat) and in order to get back to the island the Oceanic Six will have to use Penny & Desmond for help
Jin is most definitely alive
Ben will return to the island
Richard Alpert (the creepy guy who doesn’t age) will have a larger role this season and we will learn his story and how he got to the island?

Lost will certainly dominate the conversations around the Zapwater water cooler next Thursday.

Annie Neyman
Group Director, Hospitality