So this year’s Oscar race, I feel for this first time, in a long time is pretty predictable. Every year, I feel like there is a category that seems to slip by both the academy and all of us movie fans sitting on our couches at home, saying…. “Wow that was a surprise” Some examples if you will, Penelope Cruz Best Supporting Actress last year for Vicky, Christina Barcelona and a couple of years ago when Alan Arkin won for Little Miss Sunshine.

As an avid award season watcher, I have been tracking the winners this season and it seems like the notion of a wild card winner this year is becoming more and more obsolete. For example, Mo’Nique, as much as we couldn’t see that coming a year ago, is probably going to be up there as is Jeff Bridges. Another shoe in, it seems is yesteryear’s America’s sweetheart and a personal favorite, Sandra Bullock. And last but not least there’s Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Bustards. All four nominees have actually won a Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award along with a few that have won Critic’s Choice awards.

There are a few exceptions, of course, the one and only, Mrs. Streep. Although she won the Globe, it was for the less serious category, literally, best actress in a motion picture comedy, and tied Sandra Bullock for the Critic’s Choice award Best Actress. She still might be up there going against those who are rooting for Sandra. But according to Sandra herself, “I’m not winning an oscar,” wow…way to play with the campaigners.

Now as I go through the rundown of all these winners, I honestly can’t picture a surprise from any of them. Let’s just hope a movie with actual actors and not blue people wins best picture…. Yes, I’m talking about you James Cameron.

Oh, wait there is one surprise about the ceremony this year…two hosts! Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin…no surprise…Hilarious!

Diana Romeo

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