One of the most rewarding things about Zapwater is the diverse clientele. And although I am not as personally intrigued by printing software, Moab Paper Company has been another one of Zapwater’s longest clients and I must admit it wasn’t until I was flipping through photography magazines the other week when I realized how entirely fascinating and dynamic the photography industry is. And so, my point being is the client roster invites an eclectic and diverse blend of industries and people that welcomes many new experiences. A colleague once told me, “One of the most appealing things about the PR industry is that no day is ever the same.” And in this world of monotonous jobs, one of the most rewarding aspects of my work here at Zapwater is just that…No day is ever the same, and, like Dave I invite you back to our blog to share in Zapwater’s growth, accomplishments, achievements, and discover what keeps us in this PR industry!

Natalie Cowel
Assistant Publicist

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