They say there are two things you can expect in life: death and taxes. Something else you can expect? Moving. Between finding a home, hiring movers, sorting, tossing, more sorting, taping, packing, more sorting, more tossing; then unloading, sorting again, unpacking, re-sorting (you get the point), moving can be a stressful (and painful) process. Lucky me: I just moved.

Luckier for me: I had a ton of help via movers and a too-kind/patient boyfriend to ease said pain and was so eager to get into a new space and make it my own. Having only lived in the quaint Lincoln Park borough since moving to Chicago two years ago, I was excited to make my way to the downtown Gold Coast area. My new digs are perfect for me and I fell in love with the building and apartment unit the moment I walked in and took a tour. It’s everything I’ve always wanted: vintage high-rise, three blocks from the Magnificent Mile (danger! Danger!) and has a roof that showcases the surrounding skyscrapers that glitter when the sun sets.

The challenge? Make this space as “me” as possible. When I moved to Chicago from D.C., my then-roommate already had everything, so I never Caroline-ized the house on my own. With generous space to work with in the new digs, I had ample room to fill with things I love: family keepsakes, books, vintage and hand-me-down furniture, eclectic photographs and warm-feeling décor.

I’m thrilled with the finished product. From the “Doors of Ireland” and Michigan/Chicago-inspired images adorning the walls to the red accents, the framed heartfelt note from my mom to the compulsively organized walk-through closet, this place screams “Caroline.” When I say that I never want to move, it’s not because I hated packing/unpacking: it’s because I made a space a home. Check it out!

Welcome to Cheteau Caroline!

Caroline Brooks Senior Publicist