Zapwater's always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative public relations. We constantly integrate traditional media relations efforts with new digital media channels available. Even as we run our own Zapwater blog you're reading here, we also perform a lot of blogger relations of behalf of our clients. In the blogosphere, consumers constantly share new ideas, referrals and comment on various product offerings and the many brand names out there. Every campaign needs to determine if blogger outreach can impact their overall PR program. Funny enough....what's the most influential group of blogs out there? Well, it's Mom. On behalf of Zapwater client Michael Gaffney and the American Schools of Flower Design, we've found a lot of success in hitting up the Mommy bloggers lately. These individuals have some great stories and advice to share, and also happen to be Gaffney's prime target market for new enrollments of his National floral design classes as a new way to build recession-proof careers. Sure, television morning shows are great, but the third party validation achieved when placements pop up in blogs such as Jen's List (with more than 14,000 subscribers in Orange County).

Rule of thumb - Mom's always had great advice growing up, so don't forget about her in today's world of PR.