As the date of my wedding looms closer (123 days to go) my brain is spinning
with details of dessert, welcome baskets, thank you cards and design. As the
planning of my wedding has been fairly easy - it is in Mexico after all - I
have been getting more and more nervous about the décor details, as I won't
be seeing it before the big day. Nightmares have been going through my mind
lately...will there be flannel napkins? Or doilies on the tables? Felt
Embroidery, maybe? God I hope not.

In lieu of this, I enlisted some great help from my dear friend and
brilliant event designer, Kara Superfine, who created this amazing
inspiration board for me to use. (pic attached) She recently started a blog
about design, décor and all things fabulous. It's something that I get
inspiration from every single day and I wanted to share with the rest of my
Zapwater blog reading friends. For anyone that needs a little decorating muse in their life, check out and add a little flare to the next event you throw or room you decorate.

Annie Neyman
Group Director, Hospitality