Even though I am relatively young, I have had the privilege of living in both the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago where I currently reside.

I spent roughly five years in LA during college and the first years of my life in the work force. One year in Hollywood completely burnt me out and I took my professional life in a new direction. I recently went back to LA for a week’s vacation and was not surprised to see that nothing has changed.

People tend to knock the weather in Chicago. Alright I will admit it’s not the best, but there are so many other great things about the Windy City. In fact I would take Chicago over Los Angeles any day of the week. I always tell people I would rather “love the city and hate the weather” as opposed to “love the weather and hate the city”. I am confident I made the right choice as I regularly find myself happy with the work I do, the relationships I’ve made, and the great times Chicago has given me.

Still skeptical? Then read my Top 5 List as To Why Chicago is a Better City Than Los Angeles:

5) The Food: Chicago is renowned as a top city for foodies while LA is known for bad Mexican food and stuffy LA restaurants better known for the scene than the food.

4) The Fashion: Chicago has a Topshop/Topman while LA saw the birth of Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy, enough said!

3) The Traffic: Chicago has the CTA and while not glamorous you can read or listen to music while commuting. Try reading a book while stuck in gridlock on the 405!

2) The Booze: Chicago has dollar beers and even dollar drinks at some places. Try spending less than $10 on a vodka soda in LA, I dare you!

1) The People: Chicago is a big city with Midwest values. Los Angeles is crawling with wannabes, bad highlights, and fake breasts.

Sorry City of Angels but you aint got nothing on my town!

Michael Corrigan Publicist