As the newest member of Zapwater Communications, just finishing up my first month with this talented, close-knit team, I can say with full confidence that I have learned a great deal about myself, the PR Industry and the Zapwater family. My daily routine has been shaken up as I now share an airy West Loop loft-style office with a dozen talented, hard-working PR professionals including ambitious interns and the occasional 4-legged friend. The office harbors creativity and team work as all of my co-workers are within shouting distance and readily available to answer any questions that I may have or simply be there to bounce ideas off of. I have enjoyed every office ritual including taking charge of my first “Pizza Friday,” enjoying “Group Work Day” and fully partaking in “Pea Pod Monday.” Never in my life have I seen a group of professionals that mesh so well, are so eager to help one another and are so passionate about their clients and their work. And the clients! Zapwater represents an array of clients ranging from education to fashion to lifestyle to pie! Every partner is a joy to work with allowing my brain to work in new, different, creative ways. I have so enjoyed my first month with Zapwater Communications and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Mimi Clark Publicist