120208_8264_1[2]-787647Back in January, Urban Joe hit the Wrigleyville scene with its no nonsense, no appointments necessary mentality, offering dudes in need of a groom 20 buck cuts. Now, as we head into spring (I am not sure 30 degree weather counts!), Urban Joe is going virtual with the official debut of URBANJOE.COM. The site goes live tomorrow, March 31, and I can’t wait! While you still don’t need to make an appointment, the new site is fresh and exciting and will allow fans, like myself, to follow the UJ blog, get a recap of the hottest happenings and give access to great discounts and incentives, how does $5 or $10 off already recession-friendly cut prices sound? It’s definitely not your dad’s barbershop, all the more reason to check it out!

Holly Winter Senior Publicist