In The (Polar) Vortex

ZAP-Blog_2.19.14 While the days may be getting longer, winter certainly has definitely arrived. For most Americans, 2014 started off with a frosty bang. The polar vortex spared few states, even impacting places like Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina. Chicago reached a record of 16 below. It was so cold out that the lake began steaming. Hardest hit was Minneapolis which reached a brutal 23 below. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds were filled with #Chiberia and #PolarVortex.

The good news is that it’s uphill from here! However, to get you through the additional cold, dreary days ahead, here are some tips on surviving the winter doldrums.

  • Get movin'. Too cold to go outside? My colleague, Stephanie P. introduced me to BodyRockTV which has fantastic workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home. Nike Training Club, another great option, is an app that lets you custom design your workouts.
  • Bring nature to you. Studies show that plants help improve mood and productivity. Indoor friendly plants like airplants can help add cheer and color to dreary days.
  • Stay social. Post-holidays, it can be tough to motivate yourself off of the couch but fight the urge. Simple activities like a board-game night keep you in touch with friends and keep you warm.
  • Veg out. Fight the urge to overeat just because you're bored. Load up on colorful fruits and veggies which have a host of nutritional benefits.

Try these proven tips or experiment with some of your own. Before we all know it, spring will have sprung.

- Nora Sarrawi, Vice President

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