Unlike most of my colleagues, I can’t really say I am much of a foodie. As a recent college graduate, my diet consists of the same several, pitiful staples: wheat bread, tomatoes, hummus and popcorn. Usually, these are consumed while watching the Food Network as I pretend that my paltry sandwich is whatever delicious comestible is being prepared on the tube. While many of my peers are turning to fast food to satiate their dietary desires, I would prefer to use my imagination. Lately however, my imagination can only go so far. With the smell of summer BBQ wafting through my neighborhood and only re-runs of Paula Deen on TV, I have been craving something tasty and new but still affordable and natural. Luckily David Friedman, founder of the new South Loop eatery Epic Burger, once had a similar dilemma!

Inspired by a road trip that left him longing for a quick yet fresh bite to eat, Friedman set out to create a burger joint that could be delicious, fast, affordable and above all, natural. Epic Burger’s staples are a bit different from my own, consisting of all fresh, natural ingredients including hormone and antibiotic free beef, Wisconsin made cheese and locally grown produce. Add freshly baked buns and cut to order French fries to this mix and you can start to see how Epic Burger got its name. The menu is uncluttered, consisting of only four burger and sandwich choices, their trans-fat free fries and a variety of real fruit smoothies. My suggestion? The All Natural Epic Burger that comes with all the traditional burger fixings and “epic sauce”. If you’re feeling like enjoying an especially epic meal, try it out with their one-year aged cheddar and a few slabs of nitrate free bacon.Although the official grand opening of Epic Burger is Tuesday July 29th, they’re now open to meet your meat needs. I am confident that even if your diet is a bit more thrilling than mine, Epic Burger will live up to its name!

Emma Richards