I went to On Your Mark Coaching and Training this past weekend with our CFO Mayra, to try their signature class, F-train (i.e. Functional Training). F-train is an interval workout which consists of 10-15 stations (including squats, running stairs, sit-ups, upper body exercises, etc.). Each person spends about 45 seconds at each station and completes the entire course three times around.

I knew going into this that it would be a challenge, but I did not realize just how good of a workout I would get. It’s been two days and I can barely walk (not exaggerating). This class improves your strength, balance and agility – not to mention is a great cardio workout. The best part about it was the team mentality. This gym is truly one that is not intimidating and invites everyone in to join in their ‘fun’ of working out.

Even though I’m still in pain, I’ll be attending next week’s class and even dragging along my boyfriend to try it out for himself! For a complete list of classes you can visit: http://oymtraining.com/

Deanne Daneck Senior Publicist