I have worked for both large and small companies, but all mostly with structured corporate cultures. At my first job (the company name shall not be revealed nor the year I worked there) I was only allowed to wear black and navy blue suits and skirts were preferred over slacks. I was once reprimanded for wearing a leopard blouse under my black suit. It was more important to be sitting at my computer acting busy than it was to be efficient and productive. Needless to say, it has taken me some time to adjust at Zapwater.

First, I had to let go of the notion that I had to physically ‘be seen’ at my desk in order to prove I was accomplishing my job and adding value. Second, I had to make the leap into the 21st century and realize that I can wear whatever I am comfortable in and it is not a reflection of my work product or intelligence. Casual dress does not equal casual work ethic. I'm a believer.

While I still prefer to get dressed up and put make-up on before I go to the office and be in my seat by 8:30am, it took me having a baby to learn it wasn’t necessary. I wanted and needed to continue working, but it wasn’t feasible for me to come into the office every day. For the past 10 weeks, I have been able to login in at 7am or 7pm and get my job done. I get constant reassurance, appreciation and support. I am grateful every day that I work at Zapwater and am looking forward to an outstanding 2010. Thanks Team Zapwater!

Mayra Bacik