Hi, my name is Laura Moreno and I’ve been interning at Zapwater since the end of August. Like most recent graduates, I went through the highs and lows of being super excited to graduate and take my first baby steps in the real world, and other days experiencing the anxiety and pressure to score a job I enjoyed. I made up my mind not to just take the first opportunity that presented itself and end up in a mundane 9 to 5, just because I got paid. My internship at Zapwater is what transpired, and I couldn’t be more satisfied and fulfilled with the company, the people, the work, and all the positive energy. Susie immediately recognized my niche to work in Lifestyle and so far I’ve had so much fun working on projects for clients such as, Crimson Lounge, Bon V, the Drawing Room and Le Passage, RA Sushi, K.Amato, le dress, Kelly Edwards, among others. I’ve particularly enjoyed and appreciated seeing the cumulative efforts of our work in action at the Grand Opening of the Sheraton Chicago Northbrook, the Bon V and Bright Pink La Vie En Rose! Event, and the Masquerade Party at Crimson Lounge to benefit Bright Pink. Not to say that my work is easy breezy all the time, I have tedious work on my plate too, but I have the pleasure of working closely with some very talented ladies like Susie, Annie, and Holly at an office full of some of Chicago’s most creative, warm and passionate PR people. This is an invaluable experience and I consider myself very lucky to love what I do!

Laura Moreno Intern