Although I constantly find myself complaining about Chicago’s weather, I can’t deny that I’m a big fan of the four seasons. And while this winter hasn’t been completely dreadful (I’m a sucker for snow and chunky scarves), spring cannot come soon enough. I’m more than excited to store away my furry black parka and embrace some serious color and sunshine. This spring, I’m looking most forward to…

Bright, Bold Platform Sandals

Although this pair of Brian Atwood’s are a little out of my price range (okay, a lot out of my price range), I’m drawing some serious spring-spiration from these bad boys. I want nothing more than to ditch my leather boots for some fresh, fun platform sandals.

Patio Seating

It’s no secret that I’m pretty addicted to brunch of any kind, but I DIE for brunch while soaking up the sun on an outdoor patio. Delicious food, gorgeous weather, AND the chance to chat (gossip) with friends… count me in!! Chicago comes alive during springtime, and there’s no better place to see it blossom than at your favorite brunch spot, mimosa in hand.

Ole Caliente

Last spring, my polish color of choice was Turquoise and Caicos. This year, I’m willing to bet my go-to manicure shade will be Ole Caliente by essie. Described as “a red-orange with pink undertone,” this color has me smiling already.

The First Day of Iced Coffee

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 is not only the first day of spring; it’s the first day that it’s socially acceptable to walk around Chicago with an iced coffee in hand. Waiting for a steaming hot cup of coffee to cool down drives me insane… what can I say, I’m impatient. The first sip of iced coffee provides that instant feeling of gratification I’ve been longing for all winter long.

Fresh Air

From the moment I turned 16, I loved zipping around Nebraska in my Honda Civic with the music up, windows down. Since moving to Chicago, I’ve upgraded to a personal car service, also known as, Yellow Cab. Springtime means I can roll down the cab’s window and feel the wind in my hair without getting hypothermia.

Brigid Parr Asst. Publicist