On February 24th, 2007, Al Gore made history when An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary of his campaign to draw awareness to looming global warming issues, took home an Oscar in the category of Best Documentary Feature.

The March issue of Domino provides readers a “green list” with 125 seriously cute eco-makeover ideas for every room. The most recent issue of Vanity Fair boasts the title, the “Green Issue.” Green is everywhere. As awareness surrounding global warming, endangered species and environmentalism increases, going “green” has become the trend of the times.

Almost every industry, from fashion to food, has taken part in the green revolution. Construction companies with environmentally friendly materials are in high demand. Homeowners are designing houses in-line with “green,” eco-friendly guidelines. Diners are seeking restaurants that offer foods produced in an eco-friendly process. Even fashion and jewelry designers are catching on to the trend toward living “green.” The industry has been infused with “green” inspirations in every sector.

My client, Tivi accessories, has taken the warm-weather jewelry trend of clear, almost translucent, jewelry and oversized cuffs and made them compatible with this “green” lifestyle. The latest cuffs and belt buckles by Tivi are must-haves for looking current and living “green” during the upcoming warmer weather season. The environmentally conscious accessories are created from eco-resin and are perfectly aligned with the current “green” movement. With Earth Day (April 22nd) fast approaching, Tivi’s eco-friendly and unisex pieces are the ultimate fashion-forward products for this generation!

The minds behind the line, furniture turned accessory designers Paul Lewin and Ryan Wither, are fresh faces in the fashion industry. Their collection of industrial yet elegant cuffs and belt buckles are very of-the-moment. Tivi cuffs begin as flat sheets of resin that transform with heat and are fitted to machined-out aluminum ends. The unique materials used in the design make Tivi accessories visually stunning, attractive, and, most importantly, “green!”

For the sake of the environment, we hope this fad of “green”-friendly products and fashion doesn’t fade!

Susan Schreiber
Assistant Publicist