It seems like every company is coming out with a recession promotion for consumers to save money. But I just received one from what is arguably one of my favorite companies. Moosejaw Mountaineering, Inc., one of the Midwest's leading outdoor adventure retailers, is offering Free Chinese Food with any purchase on

Here's how this works:

Make a purchase at a Moosejaw shop or online at

Take 25% of the total and order up some Chinese food

Email your Moosejaw order number (found on your receipt near the barcode) and a photo of your Chinese food receipt to

We will reply with a Moosejaw e-Gift Certificate to cover your food, up to 25% of the original order total

So, if you place a $300 order you can order $75 of Chinese food and we'll send you a $75 e-Gift Certificate. If you place an order for $300 and order $40 of Chinese food, we'll only send you a $40 e-Gift Certificate.

I wish Moosejaw would have had this promotion back when I was visiting with the polar bears. I would be having myself some Beef and Broccoli right about now.

David Zapata