Friday at Zapwater Communications is a whole different day than any other day of the week. Being the only intern in on Fridays, I get a special insight into the company. From everyone eating lunch together in the conference room and learning about the escapades from the night before to numerous Starbucks runs to stay awake and progress reports. Some days turn crazy, some days calm, depending on the week or night before.

Being in the office on “casual” Friday helps me enjoy where I work and the people I work with. No, not because everyone is so laid back (though that is a positive), but because I actually get to know them on a personal level and realize that… Okay, yeah, I am a college graduate and unpaid intern but I have plenty of time ahead of me to accomplish the things I want to do. Everyone at Zapwater is young and enthusiastic about what they do day in and day out. As long as I am enjoying what I do, and as happy as everyone else in the office, the money doesn’t matter. Getting good experience and being in an environment that fosters excitement and enthusiasm will benefit me more in the long run.

Oh and the events! Whether it’s the Singles Party at Crimson Lounge or the Fashion Show at Chasalla or the Grand Opening of the Sheraton Chicago Northbrook, it is rewarding to see all of the hard work done at Zapwater put into action. Recently I have been working closely with Annie and Susie for the Grand Opening of the Sheraton Chicago Northbrook earlier this week I got to see it all come to fruition. Seeing the numerous people arrive that I have worked to get to attend and perform at the event will be extremely rewarding.

Having only been here for about two months, there have been all kinds of great experiences and hopes for more to come!

Nicole Pitkin