A recent trend in mainstream music culture is the emergence of DJs from behind their DJ booths and into the spotlight. Regardless of how you feel about the cultural phenomenon surrounding “Celebrity DJs,” two Chicagoans, Matt ROAN and E6 have proven to have the talent and the dynamic personalities to steal the spotlight and still provide some of the newest and innovative material on the scene. The emergence of new technological developments has lead to an evolution of what it means to be an artist as well as a DJ. DJs not only provide the musical atmosphere for parties, but are now also involved in the production, promotion, and creation of music. With so many exciting new developments, it should be no surprise that the Chicago music community is at the forefront of this new trend.

Two individuals that stand out from the crowd are Matt ROAN and E6, who together are a perfect example of this new breed of DJ. Blending everything from performance to production, the past year has brought some exciting new opportunities for both. In addition to being selected as a featured performer at Lollapalooza, Matt ROAN announced his residency at Empire Liquors with partner E6, and also opened for some of the biggest names in the music business. During the summer alone, ROAN opened for eccentric musical artist Mickey Avalon, and also opened and closed for celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, from whom he received rave reviews. Since then, ROAN and E6 have gone on to form their own music management company called Crossfader King, and even to co-produce their own monthly event Dance Party Magic at Empire Liquors, which features some of the best talent in the underground DJ circuit.

Dance Party Magic has served not only as a means to showcase the newest developments in music, but it has also been a way for different artists to meet and interact, which will inevitably lead to new collaborative efforts in the future. Whether it is providing innovative talent from other cities, or performing and traveling nationally, the dynamic duo of Matt ROAN and E6 only promises to continue to revolutionize and raise national consciousness of the Chicago music scene.

Rebecca Palkovics

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