As summer winds down and autumn looms ahead, a bittersweet emotion takes hold of us all. Whether you’re a big time exec or a lowly intern, the end of summer permeates the workday, reminding everyone that all good things must come to an end. While the transition from summer to fall undoubtedly holds new opportunities, it also marks a definitive ending. For me, that big finish pertained to the end of one of the best internship programs I have ever had the honor to be a part of.

Come this September, I will be departing for Sevilla, Spain. Of course, this southern Spanish city will be a far cry from the trendy offices of Zapwater. The experience I have gleaned from this summer gig, however, will be far from lost as I apply my new skills to my even newer surroundings. Although the time is dwindling with only 21 more days in the States, I still have quite a bit to do. First on my list is making a trek to le Dress to stock up on fashionable frocks for my European adventures. Next I have to get to RA Sushi to satisfy my seafood cravings before I embark upon my sushi-less excursion throughout Spain. Finally, I have to say goodbye to all of the amazing co-workers who have spent their summer teaching me the ropes and helping me grow as an individual and as a professional.

To be quite honest, the experiences this summer seemed endless. From working with our bubbly clients like Mustard Girl, Jennifer Connor, to learning how to navigate the conduits that connect PR to the media, I feel like I’ve already taken a trip through un-chartered waters this summer. The only catch lies in the fact that I don’t have a passport stamp to prove it. As time continues to propel forward, I can only gape at how quickly the summer flew by. Of course, my time here at Zapwater is catalogued as a summer internship, but it was less of a job and more of an adventure. Like my pending international travels promise to be, my time at Zapwater has been an unbelievable learning experience. The hands-on experience that I was offered through my interaction with our phenomenal staff is truly beyond words. So, as summer comes to an end and my working days wind down, I bid a temporary adieu to the Zapwater offices with a positive outlook and an air of gratitude.

Molly Schreiber