I’ve backpacked through South and Central America. I’ve worked at an orphanage in Russia. I’ve even climbed in remote places like Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. But in preparing for my Polar Bear Expedition with Andy Biggs, I came to a realization. I am a city slicker.

As I began packing my “cold weather” gear, I read a sentence that called cotton the “fabric of death,” as it stays wet, zapping valuable energy and dropping your core temperature. My wife immediately concluded that if the Polar Bears didn’t get me, frostbite would.

I immediately headed to my new favorite store Moosejaw. Layering is the way to go. Today’s high tech materials offer a plethora of light-weight highly compressible water/wind proof, and temperature regulating fabric options to fit the outdoor enthusiast needs such as polar fleece, primaloft, polarguard. I bought some capilene wicking under-garments, warm socks, hats, gloves, hand and feet warmers, etc.

I am expecting it to be cold, as it can get to minus 10 or even minus 20 degrees F. The upside is it could be 35F as a high and only a low of 20F at night. We will be staying at the Northern Lights Lodge. It certainly isn’t The Hotel Sax, but I am sure it will be fun. I’m excited that it has WiFi, so I can keep updating everyone about this adventure.

Keep checking back. I leave tomorrow.

David Zapata