As many of you know, Zapwater is the public relations agency for the Chicago Red Stars of the Women’s Professional Soccer league. What you might not know is that many of the players are not only from all around the country, but also around the world.

Early in the season and during an ABC taping, Ella Masar mentioned to me how she loves Chicago restaurants and that is was her goal to eat at a new restaurant every week.

I took it upon myself to expand my new friend “Ella from Urbana’s” culinary horizons. Just like that Ella Masar’s Supper Club was born.  Since its inception, others have joined in.  Natalie Spilger is now a regular.  Each week, I introduce her to a new Chicago restaurant and each week, Ella tweets about her favorites.

I have to say, when the Supper club started, I had my doubts about Ella.  But as she told me, “I’m a professional soccer player, I can eat with the best of them.”

Our first stop was Little Bucharest Bistro in Old Irving Park.  There are several stories that could be told about this dining experience, but the one that sticks out was when the owner blessed the table with “Holy Water.” That was a story in itself.

Ella’s favorite dish - Crispy Kataifi Wrapped Shrimp 

Next stop on the culinary tour was Duchamp in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

Ella’s favorite dish – Duchamp Burger (Chicago Magazine’s Best in Chicago) The I’m not in Urbana any more moment – Ella learning what Head cheese is and liking it.

Next on the tour was Zapwater client aja in the dana hotel & spa.

Ella’s favorite dish - Tempura Sweet Potato Fries.

As the Supper club progressed, I convinced Ella to get a little more adventurous.  Next stop, Longman & Eagle in Logan Square.

Ella’s favorite dish  - Wild Boar Sloppy Joe The I’m not in Urbana any more moment – Enjoying bone marrow and tongue and hash.

Last night, accompanied by Natalie Spilger and Brit Klein, I introduced Ella to Macku Sushi in Lincoln Park.

Ella’s favorite dish – Carrot Soup.

Next week, the"Supper Club" visits LM Restaurant in Lincoln Square.  Any additional suggestions for Ella?  Send them my way.

David M. Zapata