Four days filled with bright blue sky and sunshine in March is not usually what you would find in Chicago. In Vail, Colorado, this is a weekly occurrence. I spent the last four days in Vail with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains covered in snow.

My roommates, a friend and I flew into the Eagle County airport, landing in between the mountains and a mere 30 minutes from my house. My entire family (yes, all 18 people) was there to greet us when we arrive and we were able to ski with them for two full days. The days were tiring, but the nights were just the opposite…

Catch phrase one night was an activity that I won’t forget, especially the “entertainment” category. With player’s ages ranging from 13 to 59, it got pretty interesting. I think my 13 year-old niece ended up being the most knowledgeable about the terms and my father the least. My niece knew everything from poets to giving clues with history facts (that is when I gave up); it just goes to show how much information you retain while you are in school and how much you lose when you are out. My father had the hardest time with the “entertainment” category. The game was going around and around when it got to my father and “Marilyn Manson” popped up. Having no idea who Marilyn Manson was, he started with first name and then went to last name. First name he referred to Marilyn Monroe (you can guess how he explained that one), way more his time. Then things got funny. Manson… house right? “A BIG house” was the first clue that came out of his mouth and then a “REALLY BIG house”… someone obviously said “mansion” and he said, “YES, that’s it!” Not having any clue what the word was he passed it on and we left it at “Marilyn Mansion”. A few minutes later we asked him about it and, come to find out it really was Marilyn Manson, which did not even ring a bell to him. Lets just say, the kids and grandkids won! Overall the game and weekend was filled with fun times, laughs, dancing, eating and a little bit of sleep and skiing.

Waking up in the morning and going to bed at 8,120 feet above sea level and skiing all day at 11,570 feet, and being able to see mountains and bright blue sky for miles, there is not much more you can ask for, which makes their tag line “Vail :: Like Nothing on Earth” completely true.

P.S. A-Rod got round one of his surgery in Vail as he was there when last weekend. Next trip: A-Rod sightings for post-season surgery.

Nicole Pitkin