For many people, dogs are way more than just pets, they’re family! Personally speaking, I have no idea what my life would be like if I didn’t have my cuddly Labrador Retriever – Tex. But, as cuddly and cute as dogs can be, they can also turn your life upside down without proper training.

Here’s where Jamie Damato – Animal Planet & Comcast On Demand Star, owner & founder of AnimalSense, and one of my favorite Zapwater clients – can help! Over the past 10 years, Jamie and her talented staff at AnimalSense have helped over 20,000 Chicago dogs and their owners.

AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior, Inc., recently announced their lineup of spring classes. Whether your dog is an obedience all-star, or just learning the basics, AnimalSense offers classes that you and your pup are sure to benefit from.

A few spring options include:

• Doggone Issues: For dogs and owners dealing with dog-to-dog aggression and on-leash aggression toward people or other animals.

• Focus! Distraction Training for the Real World: Are squirrels, strangers, noises and other distractions stealing your dog’s attention when you need it most? Teach your dog that YOU are the most important thing in their world.

• Introduction to Agility: The class offers an introduction to various agility obstacles including jumps, open and closed tunnels, weave poles, and the seesaw. Great for confidence building and for dogs that love to problem solve.

• Leash Walking 101: This awesome class is all about, well, leash walking. This class will have Fido prancing along at your side, footloose and fancy free, oblivious to life’s little distractions.

• Middle Management: Have you noticed that your dog has picked up some interesting new behaviors? It’s a case of puppy puberty! Middle Management is a “survival course” to help you navigate the sometimes difficult adolescent stage of canine development – the period between eight months and two years.

• Shy Dogs – Confidence: Is your dog a little more timid than most? Spooked by common things? Unsure about new people or new dogs? We can help! This class is designed to increase your dog’s confidence levels with games, activities, relaxation techniques and more

Kassy Reiff