Crimson Lounge continues to set the standard to which other nightlife venues in Chicago aspire whether it is the lush décor or the premium liquor and cocktails found at the bar. Once again Crimson has managed to set itself apart from the rest, this time with its ability to provide an overwhelmingly diverse selection of live music throughout the week.

Crimson dedicates three evenings a week to live jazz music to accompany those long anticipated after work cocktails. Tuesday through Thursday nights Crimson is providing different musicians with their own unique interpretation of jazz. Every Tuesday night Crimson features Erin McDougald, Chicago’s leading lady in vocal jazz who has performed in venues from Chicago to Paris, and even has fans as far as Japan. Petra Van Nuis, another prominent female jazz vocalist in Chicago, is known for making incredible connections with her audience and is also featured weekly at Crimson. In addition to jazz vocal talent, Crimson also features Audley L. Reid, a superbly skilled musician who plays everything from the alto sax to the soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, and flute. With even more jazz acts to come, this is an after work event not to be missed.

Crimson Lounge has been known to regularly bring in big name DJs, yet it should not be overlooked that 5 nights a week Crimson is providing local DJ talent that is more than holding its own. Frankie Hollywood, Jamm Master C, DJ Rex, and DJ Kevin are throwing down beats every week. With 3 nights of live jazz, and 5 nights of incredible DJs, Crimson Lounge has once again set the standard in Chicago for a quality nightlife experience.