Client Happenings: Virgin Hotels Wants to Know What Have You Heard...


Sometimes, rumors aren’t always a bad thing. Especially when they involve one of the biggest brand launches Chicago has seen.

If you heard the rumor that Zapwater is working with Virgin Hotels to launch the first-ever location right here in Chicago, it’s true. Our team has been working with some of the smartest and most creative people in the industry, planning fun and exciting ways to introduce the brand to the world.

If you heard that the faucets at the hotel will have three settings: hot, cold and champagne, I cannot confirm or deny that. But as a fan of Champs, I can say I’m pushing to make that a reality.

If you heard the showers sing to you, I also can neither confirm nor deny that. But I hope that one is not true-- the shower is MY voices time to shine!

Have you heard the Do Not Disturb sign has been removed from the Virgin Hotels website? That one is 100% true. So if you’re in the mood to stir the pot a little bit this week, Virgin wants to give you something to talk about. Head on over to the website to find out more about the upcoming opening and share some of your favorite rumors for a chance to win some pretty great stuff.

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- Mary Doyle, Account Supervisor