Client Happenings: The Search for the Next Great Pop-Up at Block 37

The search is on! I think it's great when businesses are able to support local retailers and companies, and Zapwater client, Block 37 is doing just that. With the Search for the Next Great Pop-Up, one lucky retailer/company will get the chance to win a FREE pop-up space at the shopping center for the most popular shopping season -- the holidays.

In addition to winning free rent, the retailer will get up to $2,500 to build out the space. All companies that apply must have a Chicago Business License, but that's about the only requirement! The shopping center is look for something fresh and fun to enter teh space, whether that's a clothing concept, card company or something in between.

Those interested in applying have until Wednesday, October 1 to submit their application. Details about the program and how to apply are available at:

This has been an exciting project to work on and our team can't wait to find out what concept will win!

- Stephanie Poquette, Senior Publicist


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