Client Happenings: Staying Active with Spikeball


Here in Chicago, we’re just starting to see the light of spring and summer and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and 70-degree weekends we’ve been having. On those days, you can catch me, along with every other Chicagoan, outside walking through our beautiful parks or along the lakeshore, hitting the beach and frequenting all the outdoor patios. As an avid-fitness class attendee, it’s this time of year that I find myself skipping the studio classes in lieu of heading outside for long walks and runs, and finding any excuse to take my workouts outdoors. Lucky for me, our client Spikeball is the perfect way to get outside and stay active! Spikeball, the lovechild of volleyball and four square, is played with two teams of two players serving and hitting the ball off the net for a series of volleys until one team reaches 21 points. I know, it sounds confusing, so please find a video here. In addition to being insanely fun and addictive, Spikeball is also a great work out. In a typical 15-minute game, players take approximately 831 steps, have an average heart rate of 134 and burn about 116 calories….just enough for me to justify a mid-day ice cream trip. Spikeball is a perfect summer sport and can be played anywhere, indoors or outdoors, on the beach or at the park. It is portable, group-friendly and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are hitting the sand with kids or adults, fitness aficionados or not, Spikeball will ensure a great summer day. Get your set today at!

Carly Holstein, Senior Publicist