Client Happenings: Bright Petunias, Big Apple


As our society continues its increasing dependence on technology, we’re concurrently craving more reminders of nature. More and more, people are incorporating the elements indoors. Container gardening, fountains and earth tones are all seeing resurgences inside the home (and office). That’s why to help kick-off the summer season my client, Wave Petunias, partnered with interior designer Jeremiah Brent, to showcase the latest decorating tips and trends at a media luncheon at BLT Fish in New York City.

Brent and Wave offered easy ways that people can spice up their homes while taking advantage of the mental and physical benefits that gardening offers. Gardening is no longer limited to large outdoor spaces. People in urban areas, novice gardeners and those with small spaces can easily take advantage of gardening by leveraging easy-to-follow tips and trends. Containers, baskets and ready to plant flowers can help make everyone a gardener. Here are some of the hottest tips and trends:

  • Think “outside the container.” This year, one of the biggest gardening trends continues to be container gardening. While the use of potted flowers anywhere and everywhere is guaranteed to brighten your home or patio, Wave and Brent encourage gardeners to get creative, and stay one gorgeous step ahead of their neighbors, by using home décor ideas outside.
  • The garden has become an extension of the home. Indoors, it seems that each holiday or change in the weather calls for new seasonal décor, from centerpieces to novelties on your living rooms shelves. Don’t be afraid to take decorating elements outdoors to make that space feel homey and seasonal. Celebrate the Fourth of July by using a flag-themed basket as a place for petunias. Or, move those mini pumpkins outside in the fall and use them as a cute, festive planter.
  • Use color combinations to create different atmospheres within your space, from relaxed zen to summer celebration.  One easy way is to surround a chaise lounge with sweet white and soft pink petunias, to create the perfect space for summer catnaps.
  • Be creative, have fun, and break the rules!  While the world of interior design can feel formal with lots of rights and wrongs, Wave and Brent encourage everyone to let loose outdoors by mixing textures and patterns. People can combine almost anything in a tasteful, moderated way and make it look expensive and refined.
  • Start small –accessories and small decor items – and then work up to the big stuff – furniture and textiles. The garden is a perfect place to start experimenting because outdoors, anything goes!

We had a ton of fun brainstorming ideas with media and showcasing the fusion of flowers and design. Gardening is really for everyone and what better way to celebrate the summer than with flowers!

- Nora Sarrawi, Vice President

Photo courtesy of Wave Petunias.