A penny can’t buy you much of anything these days. But did you know in Pakistan and Afghanistan it could buy a student a pencil? Yes, sure it can.

Following my last blog about the wonderful book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, I have been inspired to help Mr. Mortenson’s cause by setting up a jar here at the Zapwater office to help benefit his non-profit, Pennies for Peace.

The program uses money collected to build schools in the two previously mentioned countries and provide education in areas forgotten by the rest of the world. In researching more about the program, I came to learn that $600 dollars can pay a teachers salary for a year. I have set a goal to raise this amount at the Zapwater office in six months.

So next time you stop by Zapwater's headquarters, remember to bring a penny or ten; drop it in the jar and help change a child’s life forever.

John Delaney
Office & Special Projects Manager