When a client of Zapwater’s ended up on a popular blog, the client was amazed at the impact it had. The client’s surprise and joy reminded me of an article I had read in Business 2.0 a few years ago entitled How to Capture the Buzz. I clipped the article because it showed the power of this “new” media we call blogs.

Here is an excerpt:

Mentions in popular blogs can make a brand famous overnight. Here are some of the most influential tastemakers and products they've helped popularize.

A guide to new gadgets and cool toys for tech lovers.
Web Traffic: 1.5 million unique visitors/month
Results: Three days after an endorsement from Gizmodo, hits at DiscHub's website jumped from 20 to 10,000. DiscHub founder Jonathan Bruck says the mention made his company a success.

One-stop browsing for enthusiasts of modern design and architecture.
Web Traffic: 170,000 unique visitors/month
Results: After Moco Loco wrote about Lionel Dimitri's $4,900 aquarium, the tank landed on the cover of Robb Report Luxury Home magazine.

Recommends must-have clothes and cosmetics.
Web Traffic: 1 million subscribers
Results: Ladies' Home Journal, O magazine, and Vibe called for interviews after Cheen Chandra's elegant Indian jewelry appeared on the blog.

Highlights the latest in green products, from toilets to rock-climbing gear.
Web Traffic: 30,000 unique visitors/month
Results: When Treehugger wrote about Voltaic's solar-powered backpack, traffic to the company's website spiked from nothing to 5,000 visits in 24 hours. CNN, Discovery Channel, and Playboy all ran stories about the bag.

Previews stuff that celebs and wannabes are dying to get their hands on.
Web Traffic: 400,000 unique visitors/month
Results: Traffic to the website of Ikon Vodka, a Canadian spirits company, jumped 400 percent to 300,000 hits a month after coverage by Luxist.

David Zapata
Zapwater Communications