Ask anyone who is my favorite singer, they will unanimously tell you Britney Spears. A die-hard Britney fan for 13 years running, I am no stranger to fanatic behavior. Eight concerts, countless downloads, dance moves, and gossip sites checking later my love can be clinically defined. Last month Britney Spears brought her Femme Fatale tour to Chicago. The Chicago Sun Times reviewed the show saying “All hail the comeback queen!” The show itself was nothing short of spectacular. Britney sang live (yes actually sang) danced, and hair flipped for 90 minutes and 22 songs. As a fan that has been there doing the highs and lows of her career it was such an honor to see her back at the top of her game.

One thing I have yet to mention is how I also was given the chance TO DANCE ON STAGE WITH BRITNEY SPEARS. Let that sink in because I speak the truth. I was the lucky 96th caller on B96 and won two VIP tickets and passes to join Queen B herself on stage during her latest single “I Wanna Go”. The entire Zapwater team was present during my live radio excitement spasm in the office. Words cannot describe how this experience felt. It was truly a dream come true. And yes Britney and I shared a moment on stage, 13 years culminated with us locking eyes as we both rocked out our dance moves. Check out the You Tube video below if you don’t believe me. I’m not that innocent!

Michael Corrigan Publicist