With winter causing brutal temperatures and snow (don’t blame me, I can’t help my name), it’s easy to get in a rut. Personally, I would like to post up on the couch with Thai food and watch movies until Spring. However, that would lead me to a life of tight clothing! So, to beat the winter blues and prep for inevitable summer months, I have, along with other Zapwater co-workers (shout outs to Delaney and Sarah), embarked on a new work out journey. Known as Hot Yoga, or basically 90 minutes of pure torture that you willingly pay for, I spend an hour and a half of my time sweating in Amazon (105F) temperatures. I have to admit the initial blast of hot air is more than welcomed when we step in the studio.

Grueling through 26 poses isn’t as bad as you would think. It is actually the only undisturbed time I have in the day. No cell phone, e-mails, nagging, complaining, or any other crisis comes my way. It’s the perfect way to dream of summer and beat the winter blues!

Holly Winter
Senior Publicist