Zapwater is located in the West Loop, which is a known restaurant district in Chicago. We are located right around the corner from some of Chicago’s best and most iconic restaurants. Passing these restaurants everyday often makes me think of some of the culinary experiences I have had so far this year. For this post, I would like to list a few things that I have loved so far this year. Wine on Tap

Wine on tap is definitely one of my new favorite things. The wine is never exposed to oxidation until it is poured so your wine stays fresh and nothing is wasted at your favorite wine tasting. Serving wine on tap prevents spoilage and is good for the environment. Statistically, restaurants and bars that serve wine by the glass waste about 25 percent of their inventory. There are several places in Chicago that now carry wine on tap, and I hope that soon there will be more.


Some would say that I caught on to the cupcake trend a little late. I would say it was just in time because I fell in love with one of Chicago’s newest bakeries, Magnolia Bakery. Famous all over New York, Magnolia Bakery debuted in Chicago late last summer. Not only are the cupcakes amazing, but the house of confections also features treats like Red Velvet cake, cookies and banana pudding that’s better than my mom’s (Shhh don’t tell her I said that!).

Healthy Bar Food

I know that it sounds like an oxymoron, but healthy options are popping up in bars around the city. In some local bars guests have the option to trade in their wings for a hummus platter or fries for vegetables. I have only seen this trend in a few bars in the city. Hopefully more will follow suit.

I hope to have more culinary experiences this year and taste foods that are exotic and tasty. I am always game for a great meal!

Camille Smith Intern