The start of fall symbolizes a lot of things, cooler temps, changing leaves, pumpkin everything and the start of football season. For years now, I have listened to my husband and guy friends go on and on about football, fantasy points, bowl games, etc. etc. I have never been the sporty type and although I don’t mind football, it’s always been background noise for my lazy Sunday… that is until this year. This summer, after years of us girls complaining about fantasy football, my girlfriends and I decided to start an all girls fantasy football league. We researched, held a live draft and even compete in a little smack-talk. After three weeks and all my complaining, I have to be honest and say it has been a blast! From not knowing anything about football to yelling “damn you, Baltimore” on a weekly basis, I truly enjoy football Sunday more than I ever have before. Plus, I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind my love for the game either.

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Annie Neyman Group Director