It’s that time…

The warm weather’s upon us, short-sleeve body bearing season is approaching and while all we want to do is sit out on a patio and partake in “festivities” that suit this weather the dreaded thought of swimsuit season lurks in the corner.

I personally hate working out, I tend to go through phases and get psyched up for about three weeks then fall off the wagon. This year my approach will be different though, I’m enlisting the help of Body Endeavors to keep my regime on track.

Body Endeavors is a Pilates studio with two locations in Chicago (1528 N. Halsted Street and 1513 N. Wells Street) that has recently launched a 6 Week Fitness and Wellness program that is catered to your body, so if you aren’t too stoked about sweating profusely via training for the Chicago marathon with running groups, they have a great alternative. They develop a program that combines Pilates, personal training, nutritional consultation, metabolic testing and motivation management all in the necessary percentages appropriate per individual. Mine will probably heavily favor motivation management (ha!). No but seriously, the goal behind the program is to prove to us that with the appropriate balance you don’t have to jump on some die-hard workout program to get in shape and achieve wellness.

The best part of it all is, Body Endeavors has amazing massages that don’t break the bank so you can treat yourself at the end of the week and relax your new hot bod. See once again I need the motivation.

Happy Almost Swimsuit Season!

Ali Hazlinger
Senior Publicist