The first time I met my new clients Jerrod and R.J. Melman, the owners of a soon-to-open River North dining and entertainment establishment called Hub 51, I was more concerned about keeping food in my mouth as I laughed hysterically than presenting a functional public relations plan. I’m not a messy eater; these two brothers are just two of the most effortlessly funny people I’ve met in recent years.

The Melmans hope to express their relaxed, but witty, attitudes through their new brainchild, Hub 51. This hub of dining, social, entertainment and nightlife activities is a sure hit with a “check your ego at the door” attitude. The variety of mouthwatering dishes on the menu doesn’t hurt either. But before I even had the opportunity to whip up a press release, Hub 51 was already making headlines!

In an effort to attract applicants for their available positions, Jerrod and R.J. created a hysterical hiring video with the help of legendary infomercial king, Tom Vu. The video, available on You Tube, has already received over 6,000 hits and the praise of Chicago’s Audarshia Townsend (312 Dining Diva), Monica Eng (Chicago Tribune) and Lewis Lazarre (Chicago Sun-Times).

With the opening line, “How can you make millions of dollars and have beautiful women like me, Vince Minh? It’s easy! Come work at Hub 51,” the guys show a preview of their signature sense of humor. They’ve also attracted a hoard of curiosity about what Hub 51 will be. For now, watch the above much talked-about hiring video to get a taste of what the Melman’s are cooking. From the PR side, I can promise it will offer a laid back atmosphere where you can bring your appetite and all your friends any night of the week.

Oh, and leave your ego at home. You won’t need it.

Susan Schreiber