Kendall-HOSinfographic-650-2 Kendall College School of Hospitality Management, ranked the No. 1 program in Chicago for preparing students for hospitality careers, recently released its first-ever trends outlook for the hospitality industry in 2014 – forecasting that international knowledge and digital rankings will drive global opportunities.

Hospitality is a dynamic and fast-paced international industry. By numbers alone, travel and tourism employs 14.6 million people worldwide, and in the United States, the industry contributes one in every eight jobs. And it’s on the rise. Chicago specifically is predicted to have more than 165,000 hospitality positions by 2020, to support the mayor's goal of 50 million visitors by that time (already reaching 65 percent of that goal in just two years!).

Chicago is one of the most vibrant hospitality and business centers in the country, and as the city’s leading hospitality institution, Kendall is dedicated to providing an unparalleled, well-rounded education that positions students ready for opportunities in Chicago, the U.S. and beyond.

Not only is a global, real-world perspective incorporated into the Kendall curriculum, but as part of their training, Kendall students can earn a Glion Advanced Certificate in International Hospitality Management, giving them a unique multi-cultural perspective as well as a highly-respected international credential to help compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

In fact, 96 percent of December 2012 hospitality program graduates reported finding a job in their field within six months of graduating, in positions ranging from Catering Manager to Event Coordinator to Guest Services Agent. (B.A. in Hospitality Management, Day Program).

Click here to check out the Top 5 Hospitality Trends Infographic and here for trends commentary from Kendall College President, Emily Williams Knight, via an interview with SuccessfulMeetings.com.

Alana Horinko Vice President