ZAP WANDERLUST: A Serbian Summer

When you think of the ultimate summer vacation, perhaps Serbia may not immediately come to mind, but here’s why it should! Between outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and leisure activities in Belgrade, you can experience a rich history mixed with a magnificent culture. Here are some must-visit locations not to miss.

Sicevo Gorge // Sicevo Gorge is a river gorge and archeological site in southeastern Serbia formed by the constant flow of the Nisa River. It is known to be home to settlements dating back to the Paleolithic era and remains found in the area are between 130,000 and 250,000 years old! You may find yourself exploring caves, catching a sight of one of the last pairs of golden eagle nests or the largest owl in the world, Eurasiasn eagle-owl. Hiking, mountaineering, fishing, paragliding, and rafting are among the other activities you can experience. 

Skadarlija // Once you’re ready for the city experience, be sure to take a walk down Skadarlija, the cultural heart of Belgrade. Here you’ll find live music, authentic Serbian food and the beauty of traditional Belgrade streets. Summer is the best time to visit the cobbled streets that were once compared to Parisian Montmartre. With its’ bohemian atmosphere created by live music and amazing food, a visit to Skadarlija is a must.  

Dorcol // Whether you are looking to embrace the café culture or looking to explore the oldest building in Belgrade, Dorcol is the place to go. Belgrade’s finest cafes can be found in Dorcol with at least one café around every corner. The street offers something for everyone with excellent cafes, bars and restaurants. On the weekend, visit Dorcol Platz, a cultural center and market that features handmade trinkets as well as other creativity focused festivals.  

Palic Lake // Palic Lake, once known for its healing water and curative mud becoming a popular spa and resort at the end of the 19th and the 20th century, is now known for its promenade along the lake shore, and various outdoor activities. Walks, bike rides, or relaxing along the lake shore benches, Palic Lake will leave you feeling connected to nature, with opportunities for bird watching, sailing, and swimming in their covered thermal water swimming pools. Palic Lake is also home to The International Film Festival Palic, founded in 1992. It is an important spot of the European Film Festivals featuring 100% European content. During the festival, Palic becomes a true center for European culture. This year's festival will be held on July 20 to 26.  

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