ZAP REFRESH: The Goodness of Gardening

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Need a release from the chaos of the everyday? We look to gardening to get in touch with nature and what’s real in the world. Check out these tips and trends from Ball Horticultural Company and BPT.

  • Locally grown food is healthy, and eating local is on trend these days. What's more local than your own backyard? Pick your favorite Burpee veggies at the peak of ripeness and walk 20 feet to your table, rather than having them picked early and transported for 20 (or 200) miles to the grocery store. 
  • You'll have more compassion and less anxiety. Research has found that gardening creates compassion toward others, less worry and anxiety, and lowers depression. Further, people who spend more time around plants are more likely to help others and engage in social relationships. 
  • Gardening combats loneliness. Studies show that chronic loneliness increases your risk for all kinds of ailments, from stress hormones to inflammation to heart disease. Gardening combats loneliness by giving us a sense of community as it allows us to come together to enjoy local gardens or meet fellow gardeners in your neighborhood. 
  • It counts as a workout. You might not think of gardening as a physical activity, but it gets your heart rate pumping. Whether you’re pulling weeds, lifting your Wave petunia planters, or working the soil, research shows you'll be burning 200 to 400 calories per hour!
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