ZAP WELLNESS: Keep Your Summer Smile Bright

Late-summer means getting outside as much as possible before the cold weather hits and enjoying those al fresco cocktails and BBQ fare. But while the food and drinks are incredible this time of year, they might be doingdamage to your teeth. 

Don’t fret - Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, dentist and co-founder of Dentologie and the at-home Invisalign process SmileCycle, shares details on what may be staining your teeth, tips to help manage the discoloration and, if you indulge, he shares how to perfect your smile with simple whitening steps.

Top Teeth Staining Culprits // Popular summer foods that may cause stains are citrus fruits like lemons and oranges due to their acidity, tomatoes – specifically tomato-based sauces– as they are very concentrated, popsicles due to their high sugar content and artificial coloring, and berries thanks to their intense color pigmentation. To help reduce the chance of staining Dr. Mohiuddin recommends enjoying these foods in moderation, making your own homemade tomato sauce, finding popsicle options that are low in sugar and artificial colors, and rinsing berries with water before you dig in.

Summer Sips That Stain // Who doesn’t love iced tea and sangria in the summer? Unfortunately, your teeth. A common misconception is that lighter teas will cause less staining, but as tea contains tannins – a plant-based compound that tends to stick to teeth – it causes a lot of discoloration, no matter the variety. A small hack to help is to add a little milk to your tea. When it comes to sangria, it might just be the worst teeth staining offender! Be sure to reach for a toothbrush after you drink even one glass and if you are a red wine drinker in general and haven’t had a recent cleaning, this could be the reason you are seeing more discoloration.

Keeping Your Smile Bright // While some of your summer favorites may cause the most damage, Dr. Mohiuddin’s most important tip for keeping your smile bright is having a consistent whitening routine. This includes professional cleanings every six months, investing in an electric toothbrush and following up brushing with floss, in-office whitening to give a quick boost to your shade and custom whitening trays for at home. For patients who are part of SmileCycle, whitening trays are included as part of the service to help you achieve your styled smile and keep it bright!

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Meghan McAllister