ZAP BITES: Four Fresh Mid-Summer Recipes

During the year, my mom is the cook of the family. She’s whipping up recipes left and right, all delicious and so tasty that our favorites list is becoming a little too long. The end of a school year, however, means her constant cooking turns to a few staple dishes here and there while also enjoying time out with friends and family. When I think about my mom’s cooking during the summertime, these few words come to mind: fresh, crisp and bright. 

Today I thought I would share four recipes that remind me of my time at home during the summer, and maybe even provide you a little cooking inspiration as well!

Image via EyeSwoon

Tomato Herbed Quinoa Salad: Filled with the colors of the rainbow, this light salad is sure to brighten up the day. Quinoa, cherry tomatoes, parsley and mint are just a few of the ingredients that bring this delicious salad to life.

Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza: With a taste for experimenting, the hype around cauliflower crust pizza became a staple in our home. Try out this recipe on how to create a savory cauliflower crust and fill it with an abundance of veggies or any toppings! This pizza is a great dinner or next day lunch in the summertime. 

Image via The Beauty Chef

Image via The Beauty Chef

Papaya, Coconut & Ginger Smoothie: At home, we enjoy starting our morning off either savory or sweet. Sometimes the sweeter, healthy and filling option is the best. This smoothie is filled with rich flavors and a zing of ginger gets the day going in our home.

Nectarine, Corn & Peanut Salad: Although these ingredients might seem like an atypical combination, they pair so well in the warmer months. A nice crunch and a burst of flavor has this salad itching to be apart of the summer table. It also makes a great party salad!

- Zoey Gottlieb, Summer 2018 Intern




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