Meet Team ZAP Member, Sarah Cane


After attending The Culinary Institute of America and working at two five-star rated hotel properties, Sarah joined Zapwater this spring with a craving for creativity. Her passion for public relations grew while working in the communications department of the iconic Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel last year. Public relations is ultimately the perfect balance between Sarah’s desires to be creative, proactive and build valuable connections for her clients.

To learn more about Sarah, see her answers to a collection of silly questions below:

  • Hottest Ryan Gosling Role: Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • Strange Talent: I don’t know if this is a strange talent, but I’m a very good golfer with 15 years under my belt
  • Favorite City: Tel Aviv
  • Go-to Coffee Order: Non-fat vanilla latte with an extra shot
  • Current Style Icon: Blake Lively
  • Pizza Topping: Cholula hot sauce
  • Guilty Pleasure: I tend to talk very fast, but I'm working on it :)
  • Vacation Style – See Everything or Do Nothing: See everything!
  • Sweet Food Kryptonite: Chess pie
  • Salty Food Kryptonite: Disneyland pretzel
  • Beauty Thing You’d Never Do: Charcoal mask
  • Thing You Could Never Have Enough Of: Puppy love
  • Favorite Internet Acronym: SMH
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