CLIENT HAPPENINGS: LA Closet Design's Closet Design Bible

Once upon a time, closets were merely a place to store clothes. Now they are retreats for the fashion obsessed complete with vanity lighting, plush seating and custom shelves, bars and drawers to showcase one’s best items. 

Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design, has designed closets for world-renowned figures in entertainment, professional sports, politics and business. Lisa’s work challenges us to think of a closet as a personal sanctuary. By blending organization with aesthetics, spaces can be transformed to reflect personal style, allowing the closet to become a unique space where fashion and function intersect. Every closet is an opportunity to create a conversation that reflects its owner, clothing and intimate space.

For the first time, details from these very personal sanctuaries are made public in Lisa’s first book -The Closet Design Bible This compilation of ultra-high-end closet spaces gives readers an in-depth look at the fully customized designs of Lisa’s closets with tips on how one can transform their own closet.  

This compact coffee-table books will be available for purchase in the beginning of April, a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Click here to pre-buy.

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