ZAP BITES: Gardening Tips for Foodies from Half Baked Harvest


You may have seen 17-year-old Red Gerard win an Olympic gold in snowboarding in Pyeongchang last month, but we have exciting news from another member of the Gerard family: his sister Tieghan, lifestyle blogger and chef at Half Baked Harvest. Tieghan has paired up with Burpee Plants this year and has compiled a few fun & easy tips for foodies on how to garden. Win the gardening gold with her advice below:

  • Get fresh from the start: To create a great recipe and have a delicious foundation for your meal, start with fresh and tasty ingredients from your own home garden. Burpee Plants’ herbs and veggies are perfect, and easy, for the home cook to create their own personal farmers market. 
  • Embrace your space: Adding homegrown fresh and delicious veggies to your cooking is possible if you embrace your space. Whether you grow in rows in a backyard, plant on a patio or relax on a rooftop, Burpee has the choices to fit your lifestyle. Take the guesswork out of starting your own vegetable or flower garden with helpful gardening tips from the time you plant until harvest day
  • Make it a family (or friends) affair: Planting herbs and veggies is a fun group activity and I love working with my friends and family to hand-pick veggies. Plus, it takes some work off of my plate so I can get cooking sooner. 
  • Get creative: I love mixing it up when it comes to recipe development, and Burpee makes it easy with their new and unique varieties of specialized and flavorful vegetables. These updates are awesome when I’m looking to create a new dish or add a flair to an old one. Swap out mushrooms for peppers in a pasta recipe or add extra herbs to a hearty winter soup.
  • Garnish Your Dish: I love adding pops of color with fresh herbs when plating my recipes. It makes for beautiful presentation and an additional pop of flavor. 

For more gardening inspiration visit and Tieghan’s blog for cooking tips & recipes:

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