ZAP REFRESH: Stay Energized


As the seasons change, it gets darker earlier and you struggle to stay awake throughout the rest of your work days. Everyone starts moving a little slower as they filter in and out of the trains, and drivers sluggishly crawl down the expressway going to and from work.

You begin to notice your coworkers yawning more often throughout the afternoon, and that electric summer energy has escaped the walls of your office. How can you get your mojo back? We’ve got the caffeine fix you need to propel you through your work week. Check out some of our favorite coffee shops below! 

  • Magnolia Bakery – Located inside Zapwater client Block 37, this café will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try their double shot cupcake (marble cupcake with espresso meringue buttercream made with Peet’s House Blend)!

  • HERO Coffee Bar – With roasts specific to the different Chicago neighborhoods, HERO allows your taste buds to travel around the city. Need to up your Instagram game? Head over to the iconic coffee shop on 22 E. Jackson Avenue for a quick coffee photoshoot.

  • Sawada Coffee – With ping pong and a cozy aesthetic, this café on Green Street is the perfect place to chill out or challenge your friends. Whether you need some movement or want to just hang out, Sawada can satisfy all of your needs.

  • Intelligentsia Coffee – Sometimes all we need is a little fresh air during our lunch break to finish the rest of the day on a high note. Head on over to Intelligentsia in Millennium Park to enjoy a brew with a view!

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