ZAP WELLNESS: Finnish Sauna Experiences


This bitter winter cold has our minds wandering to warmer places. Finland probably isn’t the first destination that comes to mind, but maybe it should! Though Finland isn’t a tropical location, it’s famous for its cozy winter getaways full of beautiful sights of the northern lights, adventurous ski trips and maybe even a visit to Santa Clause’s house!

Though the weather in Finland is currently chilly, there are most definitely other ways to warm up that are even worthy of a visit in and of itself.  Many people may not know is that “sauna” is a Finnish word, and in fact, it still remains a huge part of Finnish culture. Below we have rounded up the Top 8 Finnish Sauna Experiences that will surely warm you up, even by just reading about them!

Smoke Sauna:  Do you love that smoky burnt wood aroma? If so, the smoke sauna is for you. Built without a chimney, the sauna has a soft steam that comes together for a smoky soothing experience. This particular sauna takes hours to heat up, which allows time for you to take a dip in the lake or hot tub beforehand.

Ice Sauna: The structure of this sauna is quite literally built from ice, almost resembling an igloo. Wonder how the structure doesn’t melt? The stove is heated outside the sauna and then brought inside right as you enter. The heat in this sauna is never excruciating, which is great for sauna-goers who don’t like to be too hot!

Mobile Sauna: This experience is for the traveler who likes to be adventurous! With millions of saunas in Finland, you may not be surprised to know that there are even saunas that are on the move! In particular, there is a sauna bus that you can rent out for large parties. It even has a karaoke machine inside!

Herbal Sauna: With an intoxicating herbal scent, this sauna is gentle and soothing as it easily relaxes muscles and relives stress. Take the load off in this stress-free therapeutic sauna experience.

Wood Heated Sauna: This is the most common sauna experience in Finland, as it provides a soft, yet pleasantly strong steam. Enjoy the traditional Finnish experience of chopping your own wood to heat the stove, and taking a dips in the lake as the sauna heats up.

Gondola Sauna: Soar above breathtaking views on an exciting wooden gondola sauna experience. It’s the perfect way to warm up and relax after a cold grueling day on the slopes!

Cottage Sauna: Looking for the perfect romantic getaway? Imagine a cozy cottage in the middle of the woods, fully isolated from civilization. Sounds relaxing right? When you rent a cottage in Finland, it will most definitely have its own private sauna where you and your significant other can unwind and enjoy each other’s company to its fullest.

Helsinki Sauna Day: With so many different sauna experiences to choose from, Helsinki Sauna Day makes the choice easy as it allows one to experience saunas of all sorts and sizes! On this special day in March, private saunas open their doors for the public to enjoy. Whether it is an in home sauna or an organization’s private sauna, come meet fellow sauna enthusiasts while experiencing the soothing benefits!  

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