ZAP WELLNESS: Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is here, and Chicago is heating up! It's crucial for our bodies to stay hydrated, especially when the temperatures are high. If you are like me, you might forget to keep hydrating throughout the day, but that is about to change! Kerry Clifford, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market's certified dietitian, shares five tips to incorporate more water into your diet this summer.

  1. Drink a glass of water right after you wake up to jump-start the day.
  2. Incorporate more water-rich foods into your diet. Grapes, celery and melons add to your water intake.
  3. Spice up your water bottle! It will encourage you to actually use it.
  4. Stay on track with an app on your phone. Hydro Coach, Waterlogged, and Daily Water all track your water progress.
  5. Trade in coffee for fruit infused water. The caffeine can work against your body and dehydrate you. Fresh Thyme offers made to order fruit infused water in every store.

Happy hydrating!

Jordie Mallace, Spring/Summer 2017 Intern

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