ZAP BITES: Greektown Chicago, The Foodie Haven

Warmer weather calls for exploring new neighborhoods, and I don’t know about you, but I judge neighborhoods based on the food scene. Our new favorite go-to is Greektown. It’s nestled about 10 minutes from River North and is a short walk from UIC, and has quickly become a hot food spot in Chicago. We think it's because they have something to satisfy everyone, no matter if you are a brunch warrior or a fast food fanatic you’re bound to find something you’ll love in this neighborhood. So, while you are wondering around Halsted St. this spring make sure you stop in one of our favorite spots.

  • Athena Restaurant: Ever wanted to travel to Greece? No need to brace the 14 hour flight, just take the L to Greektown. Athena Restaurant on Halsted makes you feel like you in Athens, Greece, because you’re able to get a tradition Greek experience without having to leave Chicago. The best part is their outdoor dining with outstanding skyline views.
  • Meli Café: All the Instagram foodie rejoices! Meli Café on Halsted is definitely an Instagram worthy brunch spot. They offer everything from Elvis inspired French toast to traditional steak and eggs. Trust me your Instagram followers will be drooling over your posts.
  • Philly’s Best: Get an east coast favorite here in the Midwest, Philly’s Best on Jackson gives you a taste of Philadelphia without having to leaving Chicago. Grab a cheesesteak, fries, Tastykake, hoagie, or even a Philly inspired salad, just make sure you order it the Philly way! 

The next time you’re in Greektown let us know by using the hashtag #GreektownChicago on social - Happy Eating!

Devan Randolph, Spring 2017 Intern

Image via Chicago Food Authority Instagram