ZAP BITES: Brunch in Greektown Chicago

Meli's Cafe.JPG

The weather in Chicago has been so beautiful over the past few weeks. How do you enjoy spending your free time on the weekend? In the city, brunching has practically become a staple as a weekend activity and Greektown Chicago is no exception for having a variety of delicious brunch spots.

Gather your closest friends and family and take advantage of this mild weather while you can. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite go to brunch spots in Greektown that are crowd pleasers for all.

For the girls: When the ladies get together for brunch, it’s all about having fun. That’s why the incredibly charming atmosphere at Athena Restaurant is perfect to host all of your favorite friends. Between the comfortable patio seating and retractable roof, Athena is somewhere you’ll stay long after you’ve paid the bill.

For the health nut: Needless to say, brunch dishes can often be tempting, but at Meli Café & Juice Bar, it’s easy for the health conscious to continue eating clean. A whole section of the restaurant’s menu is even dedicated to such “healthy habits” and includes delicious items like date and nut Greek yogurt and homemade granola cereal. Over a dozen handcrafted juice blends are available as well for those who prefer a nutritious liquid breakfast.

For the on-the-go diner: Whether you’re eating alone or just joining a friend, Artopolis Bakery, Café, and Agora is the ideal European style place to stop by. The bakery offers a handful of pastries like traditional baklava squares and coffee drinks including specialty Greek coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and more to fuel guests. The panforte cheesecake crepes topped with fresh berries are another neighborhood favorite.

For the al fresco diner: Chicago is no stranger to al fresco dining when beautiful weather comes around, but the patio at Greek Islands Restaurant offers one of the best Greektown brunch experiences among potted flowers and tourists passing by. The restaurant even imports its own extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheeses, seafood, olives, herbs, and spices directly from Greece meaning every dish is made using natural and fresh ingredients.

For the guys who brunch: 19 high-definition big screen TVs and a Bloody Mary bar make Ambassador Public House the best spot for the guys to gather for brunch. This place specializes in classic, European fare and airs global sports including soccer, football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, golf, and more. Each Sunday, the guys can chow down on the all-day Irish breakfast without arguing about what to watch and enjoy $7 customizable Bloody Marys.